Betko’s musical sense is integrally linked to visual perception. Almost all of his compositions transpire on several sensory levels in parallel. As if some kind of internal strength that they possess continually conveys their inner essence in an attempt to engulf the listener to the full extent. At certain moments it is almost as if the music itself is merely one of several variants expressing a fundamental idea, possibly even extramusical.

This mixture of music, movement, abstract word, and entwined number of seemingly spontaneous audio and visual activities, in their own special way purges the border between the initially planned circumstance and a stylized ritual.

The added value of such compositions is their emotional dimension, which is evident upon first contact with them, despite the overall substance, even depersonalisation, of the musical language or visual activity.

Betko’s compositions are not interpreted, they happen.

Peter Zagar (In: 100 Slovak Composers, Music Centre 1998)