Milos Betko is an all-around educated musician with a Master's degree in music. After getting his basic education at a high school focused on mathematics, he studied violin and music composition. He is predominantly active as a composer, recording supervisor, engraver (since 2005 he is a certified lecturer of digital engraving instruction in the Slovak Republic), violinist, music theory teacher.
In 1998 he founded the music publishing house MM-33, which was also dedicated to wide-ranging support of extraordinarily gifted young talent (such as violinist Ondrej Janoska).
In 2006 he founded, together with cellist Vladimir Sirota, the first Slovak online publishing house of classical music, and artistic agency Slovak Music Bridge, which conceived of and produced a string of notable projects: Slovak Composers’ Fifth Variations (awarded the Slovak Performing and Mechanical Rights Society Prize for the year 2007 as the Most Successful Classical Music Project in Slovakia; entry in the Guinness Book of Records), experimental audio-visual stage project Music and Sound, concert series Hommage a Bach, etc.
He was, and still is, a board member of several musical and artistic bodies at major cultural institutions and international juries in Slovakia and abroad .
In 1988 he won the First prize in the Alexander Moyzes composition contest (Slovakia) with his composition The Bride of Rolling Hills.
In 2015 he won the Second prize in the Artistes en herbe composition contest (Luxembourg) with his composition 4 in 1.

Milos Betko lives in Tekovska Breznica (Slovakia).